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Grace United Church of Christ, Houston Texas

Clerical Comments

Where you there when I laid the foundation of the earth? Tell me, if you have understanding? Job 38:4

The vast majority of scientist throughout the world agree that humanity is negatively impacting the climate of the earth. We are warned that if we do not immediately change our ways, we will reach a tipping point in a few short years and the planet will be forever changed. The change in the climate will bring great harm to humanity and millions of our fellow creatures, especially to the most vulnerable. In far too many ways this is already happening as we experience hotter summers, fiercer storms, melting glaciers, rising waters, bleaching corals, burning forests, increased migrations and literally millions of extinctions throughout the world. Some believe that it might already be too late.

God askes Job, and in turn all of humanity, if we were there when the earth was created. In often abusive ways we have acted as if the earth belongs to us to do with as we please. The fires intentionally being set in the Amazon Rain Forest illustrate our arrogance and ignorance. Trees that have taken over a thousand years to grow are cut down in minutes and burned to clear land for a short-term cash crop. The Amazon Rain Forest has been referred to as the lungs of our planet, supplying as much as twenty percent of our oxygen. God asks if Job understands. I believe our children’s children will ask if we understood and what, if any, action we took.

Once again, this year we will spend the first four Sundays in September observing the Season of Creation. Through scripture, prayer and praise we will encounter divine wisdom in the oceans, flora and fauna, storm, and cosmos. On Sunday, September 22, Grace UCC will host a viewing of the National Geographic documentary on Climate Change, Paris to Pittsburgh after worship. I look forward to being with you in worship this Sunday. Yours in Christ, Pastor David



 Upcoming Grace Events 

SEPTEMBER 04 -- Care Van, 4 to 6:30 pm (Free immunizations for infants through 18 years of age); volunteers welcome (greet, check paperwork, direct clients to stations, etc.) We don't give the shots!SEPTEMBER 04 -- Care Van, 4 to 6:30 pm (Free immunizations for infants through 18 years of age); volunteers welcome (greet, check paperwork, direct clients to stations, etc.) We don't give the shots!

SEPTEMBER 08 -- Special collection for Christian Community Service Center's (CCSC) Capital Fund Campaign.  See article in newsletter for more information.

SEPTEMBER 09 -- Graceful Diners meet at Lopez Mexican Restaurant, 6:30 pm

SEPTEMER 11 – Sr. Bus Trip to the San Jacinto Monument and Historical Museum, 8:30 am


SEPTEMBER 29 -- Philippine Missions special collection

Senior Fellowship

Sr. Trip to the San Jacinto Monument and Museum on September 11. We will leave church parking lot at 8:30 am. 


Marigold D and Simeon J  9/03, Rosita M  9/04, Gilliw R 9/06, Lenelle J 9/08, Henna M and Lemjun B and Lemjun B 9/15, Anna L 9/16, John H 9/17, Marilyn R 9/20,                                  Karen P 9/22, Stephen L 9/25, Jay P 9/28

AUGUST Guests    

It was our joy to welcome the following guests: Jan, Gary, Dan, Cathey and Jason Bradley Woodward; Isaiah and Rose Lange; Ellen Walker, Rev. Ron and Sue Krueger. WELCOME!!

    Soaring With The Spirit


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    PH: 281-575-7866

    Worship 10:00 AM Sunday School for all ages 11:30 AM