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Grace United Church of Christ, Houston Texas

Clerical Comments

Therefore since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us also lay aside every weight and sin that clings so closely, and let us run with perseverance the race that is set before us, looking to Jesus the pioneer and perfecter of our faith, who for the sake of the joy that was set before him endured the cross, disregarding its shame, and has taken his seat at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:1-2

On All Saints Sunday, November 5th , we will remember our loved ones who have joined that great cloud of witnesses, especially our beloved church member Lisa Lum who died November 17, 2022. We will lift her name to God in thanksgiving and light a candle to remember that her light still shines in our hearts and in our congregation. We will also have the opportunity to light candles, at the communion table, for all our loved ones who are part of the cloud of witnesses with Lisa. Their lights remind us that each time we share in the sacrament of Holy Communion we are sharing with those present, and with all the saints who have been and who will be part of this meal hosted by Christ who sits at the right hand of God. Last month I completed twenty-one years as your pastor. My heart aches as I recall all the saints of our church who have been called home over the years. But my heart also rejoices that we had the opportunity to be in service with so many wonderful, faithful servants of God who ran their race with perseverance to help the church to grow and share the love of Christ with the world. I can all but hear them cheering us on from that great cloud of witnesses in heaven.

This Thanksgiving Sunday, November 19th, we will have even more reason to sing God's praise as we bring our promises and pledges forward to be dedicated. God's abundant harvest is being gathered in. I thank God for your faithfulness and the witness of those who surround us with their shining light. May their light guide our way as we run the race that has been set before us by the grace of God we know in Jesus Christ, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith. I look forward to being with you in worship this and every Sunday. Yours in Christ, Pastor David

Reminder: Set your clocks back on Saturday, November 4th. Also, because at this time we are only having one potluck each month, this year’s Thanksgiving Potluck Luncheon will be on Sunday, November 5th. Please bring your favorite Thanksgiving dish to share! 

In our day of Thanksgiving one psalm let us offer for the saints who before us have found their reward. When the shadow of death fell upon them, we sorrowed, but now we rejoice that they rest in the Lord. …

These stones that have echoed their praises are holy, and dear is the ground where their feet have once trod. Yet here they confessed they were strangers and pilgrims, and still they were seeking the city of God.

—William H. Draper (1916)

Please Remember in Prayer

Members: Perla F, Pastor Brenda F, Gail H, David J, Mae Delle J, Ayshea L, Pastor Tim M, Esther P, Cynthia P, Jay P, Tatiana R, Jessie S, Martin W.  

Friends: Leah B (Laura B), Barbara & Milas D (Juli K), Rick J (Laura B), Billy P (Sonny P), Dick S (Juli K), Elyane W.


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Take Time to Recharge

“Then Jesus said, ‘Let’s go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile.’ He said this because there were so many people coming and going that Jesus and his apostles didn’t even have time to eat” (Mark 6:31, NLT). Can you relate? Especially during the holidays, we’re “coming and going” so much that we often run out of steam.

As an introvert, I learned an important lesson while navigating a busy graduation season for my son. I was happy to host a celebration for family and friends, but about 20 minutes into the party, fatigue clouded my spirit. My social battery was empty and desperately needed charging.

I sought out my cousin — who “gets” me — and admitted I needed a break. He kindly replied, “Then go into another room and just be. We’ve got things covered.” I was heard and assured that it was okay to press pause. Even Jesus and his disciples sought privacy and rest.

In what ways do you need a break today? Even if you’re an extrovert, how can you care for your whole self during the holiday rush? Pay attention and give yourself permission to proactively recharge your battery.

—Janna Firestone

Please visit the church website at www.graceucchouston

Sunday reflections are posted each week

Join the Men of Grace for a fellowship dinner Tuesday, November 7, 6:30PM at Live Oak Grill

Located at 12935 Dairy Ashford Rd, Sugar Land, TX 77478

Join the Graceful Diners for a fellowship dinner Tuesday, November 14, 6:30PM at Live Oak Grill

Located at 11606 S. Wilcrest Drive, Houston, 77099

We thank thee, Lord, for the glory of the late days and the excellent face of thy sun. We thank thee for good news received. We thank thee for the pleasures we have enjoyed and for those we have been able to confer.

And now, when the clouds gather and the rain impends over the forest and our house, permit us not to be cast down; let us not lose the savor of past mercies and past pleasures; but, like the voice of a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memory survive in the hour of darkness. If there be in front of us any painful duty, strengthen us with the grace of courage; if any act of mercy, teach us tenderness and patience.

—Robert Louis Stevenson

Christian Community Service Center

Jingle Bell Express

Since 1980, CCSC has spread holiday cheer through Jingle Bell Express. With your help, 2,500 underserved children will receive new toys and books. Families will receive a grocery gift card to purchase pantry essentials or prepare a special meal. Here’s how you can help spread holiday joy.

Donate Christmas Gifts

Help children in need have a beautiful Christmas by donating new, unwrapped, nonviolent toys for kids ages 0-15 years of age. There are three easy ways to donate.

Shop the Jingle Bell Express Wish List

Deadline: November 27, 2023

Shop our Wish List of favorite gift items desired by our clients. Items can be shipped directly to CCSC from this Wish List. Or, if you prefer to ensure the accuracy of your order, select delivery to your home address and bring items to the CCSC office

Deliver Toys to the CCSC Office

Deadline: December 1, 2023

Mail or hand-deliver your items to the CCSC office.


Attn: Jingle Bell Express

3434 Branard Street

Houston, TX 77027


Deliver Toys to Jingle Bell Express

This option is available one day only on Monday, December 4, 2023

Enter Bellaire United Methodist Church from Bellaire Blvd. and park in the East Parking Lot. Drop off items in the gym 9:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Bellaire United Methodist Church

4417 Bellaire Blvd, Bellaire, TX 77401

Questions? Email us at

Nov 02 - Fellowship Night at Grace 6:30PM

Nov 05 - Daylight Savings

Time ends - fall back

Nov 05 - All Saints Sunday

Thanksgivig Potluck after worship

Nov 07 - Men of Grace at Live Oak Grill 6:30PM

Election Day

Nov 09 - Fellowship Night at Grace

Nov 11 - Veterans Day

Nov 14 - Graceful Diners at Lopez 6:30PM

Nov 15 - Sr. Bus Trip

Nov 19 - Thanksgiving Sunday, Pledges Dedicated

Nov 23 - Thanksgiving Day

Nov 26 - Reign of Christ Sunday &

Congregational Meeting after worship

Nov 30 - Fellowship Night at Grace and Hanging of the Greens 6:30

Sr. Bus Trip

Greetings to all my fellow day trekkers from Grace UCC Senior Fellowship and also from Silver Sneakers and CCSC. Our next trip is to the historical Cotton Gin Museum in Burton, Texas (on Hwy. 290, just the other side of Brenham) on Wednesday, November 15th.  This is the oldest functioning cotton gin left in the U.S., and is listed by the Smithsonian. We will tour the museum and the actual gin itself where we can see it actually working.

The fee will be $5.00. You can pay me anytime before then. If you hand it to me please have the money in an envelope with your name on it, or you can Venmo it to me through Wells Fargo.

For lunch we will be going to the Volare Italian Restaurant in Brenham. We went there a few months ago, and it was a great success.

If you want to go, please either respond to this email or text me, and make sure I respond to you, too. If you just tell me you want to go in person I may not remember! I can only take 26 people since that is the number of seats on the bus. After that many people sign up I will start a waiting list. Those on the waiting list will be notified in the order they are put on the list when a cancellation occurs.

We will board the bus between 8:00 and 8:15 a.m. in the L. A. Fitness parking lot, 1555 Eldridge Pkwy., 77077. We need to leave there by 8:30 since it is a 90 minute trip. We will have a rest stop about half way. Please wear comfortable shoes, a hat, a jacket, and bring a bottle of water.

I will need you all to donate $1 as well to help pay for the bus driver's lunch. Please have the correct change when you board the bus.

You are welcome to invite a friend that's not on my bus trip email list already, but if you do please send me their name, email, phone number, zip code, and emergency contact.

I'm looking forward to seeing each one of you. We will have a great time as always.

Donna C 713-591-7164

A veteran’s service

American hero Eddie Rickenbacker (1890-1973) led a life of daring and risk, from racing cars as a teen to piloting warplanes. Throughout his experiences, Rickenbacker grew in faith while discovering that “life had no meaning except in terms of helping others.”

In the first issue of Guideposts magazine, Rickenbacker described spending four agonizing months of 1941 in the hospital after an accident. While recovering, he pondered life and death, concluding that he couldn’t give up because he still “had work to do, others to serve.”

Less than two years later, that ordeal came in handy. After crashing in the South Pacific, Rickenbacker and “seven other starving men” were adrift on a raft for 21 days. Most were “so young they needed the strength and understanding of a man who had been down in the valley of the shadow, who had suffered and made sense out of his suffering,” he said. “It was clear to me that God had a purpose in keeping me alive. … I had been saved to serve.”

Halima P              11/05

Kaleb P               11/09

Billy L                  11/10

Melinda L            11/13

Andrew, Ethan F 11/22

Bob W                11/28

Gary K                 11/30

A powerful witness

St. Ignatius of Antioch was a bishop and martyr in the early years of Christianity, well known for his extensive writing about Christ and the church. On his journey to martyrdom in the early second century, he wrote letters to the Christian communities of the time that are still instructive today.

On November 1 we celebrate All Saints’ Day, remembering all who have died in faith, as well as particular models of strong faith whom the church has named “saints.” Especially inspiring — and challenging — are these words of Ignatius, written near the end of his life: “I prefer death in Christ Jesus to power over the farthest limits of the earth. He who died in place of us is the one object of my quest. He who rose for our sakes is my one desire.”

Grateful for Grace

In this oneness, Jesus Christ is the Mediator, the Reconciler, between God and [humanity]. Thus he comes forward to [humanity] on behalf of God, calling for and awakening faith, love and hope, and to God on behalf of [humanity], representing [humankind], making satisfaction and interceding. Thus he attests and guarantees to God's free grace and at the same time attests and guarantees to God [humanity’s] free gratitude.

—Karl Barth, The Humanity of God

On Sunday, October 22, we welcomed Theodore William Boone into the universal church family through the Sacrament of Baptism. Welcome Theo!!

Have you been to our denominational website lately? Click this link or go to

United Church of Christ

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8

Thank you!

On Sunday, October 29, I was presented this beautiful blanket and gift during Pastor Appreciation Month. This was a wonderful surprise. I always feel appreciated and blessed that I get to serve this amazing congregation, but it is truly nice to be recognized. Thank you!!!

Yours in Christ, Pastor David

Ascending thanks

Thy mighty hand o’er all the land

hath still been open to bestow

those blessings which our wants demand from heaven, whence all blessings flow.

Thou hast, with ever watchful eye,

looked down on us with holy care,

and from thy storehouse in the sky

hast scattered plenty everywhere.

Then lift we up our songs of praise

to thee, O Father, good and kind;

to thee we consecrate our days;

be thine the temple of each mind.

With incense sweet our thanks ascend; before thy works our powers pall; though we should strive years without end, we could not thank thee for them all.

—Excerpts from “A Thanksgiving Poem,” Paul Laurence Dunbar

 to all our guests!

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