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Grace United Church of Christ, Houston Texas
Call in 1 346 248 7799 (Houston)
Meeting ID 281 575 7866
Passcode 195708

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        +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)
        +1 669 900 6833 US (San Jose)
        +1 253 215 8782 US (Tacoma)
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David Jaroszewski – President

Brenda Fluitt – Vice President, Worship Chair, LGBTQ

Benedicta Onyebuchi - Council Secretary

Gail Hicks - Treasurer

Laura Bruce – Property Mananger

Juli Kring – Enviromental-Fellowship

Lisa Lum – Evangelism Chair

Tim Mohle - Stewardship Chair


“Open the gates of justice! I will enter and tell the Lord how thankful I am.” Psalm 118:19

In America, the topic of race continues to be difficult to discuss in many social settings. Very few Christian churches are leading bold and courageous conversations, engaging in direct social activism, and participating in civil disobedience as a way to bring attention to and disrupt racist systems and structures. 

The call to be a multiracial and multicultural church is an acknowledgement that racial justice is the inclusiveness of all humans and never excludes anyone based on skin color, culture or ethnic origin. The United Church of Christ stands in solidarity with the creation narrative in Genesis 1:26-27, which clearly outlines what matters to God—all of humankind and a just world for all. God created humankind in God’s image and likeness, women and men are image bearers, sharing equal status as human beings. God did not create race, racism, superior groups of humans, and hierarchical and hegemonic social structures.


The UCC - Continuing Testament,

Extravagant Welcome, Changing Lives!

This page is being set up for our members and friends to share their faith and experince at Grace UCC. Poems by our church member Jay Pennington.

                                                                              “A House Not Vacant”
I know a house,
where all are welcome.
I know it well, 
and come to visit.
It is a place
where people gather,
where we, together,
help each other,
and help the world,
at least the world
we can reach.

We come to love.
We come to share.
We come to worship.
We come to care;
to offer praise,
to a loving God;
to offer prayers,
to ask for prayers.
Our challenge is
to strive our best,
to ease the pain;
to reverse the wrongs;
to advocate
to end the wars;
to fight for justice –
truly justice,
and forgiveness.

Our challenge is
to seek and find
 the inspiration
to end oppression,
and discrimination,
and every sort of disinformation;
which kills the truth,
and gives rise to lies,
allowing those 
with bad intentions
to harm with falsehoods,
while claiming
their accusers 
are spreading fake news.

Our challenge is
to exalt the voices
of those suppressed.

So many challenges,
so many causes,
so many problems,
so much to do.

We fight these battles
because it’s worth it,
because we all
are called to do so;
because we are,
if just a few, 
precious children
of a precious God.

It is our endeavor,
it is in our dreams,
it is our hope, 
it is in our prayers;
to help the helpless, 
to house the homeless,
to feed the hungry,
to soothe the suffering
of our disabled,
of our old,
of our ill,   
of our poor.
I know a house,
where all are welcome.
I know it well,
and come to visit.
This is a house
where no one lives,
save for one.
His name is Christ.
As for the house,
we call it “Grace.”
We hope you come,
to be our guest.
“Grace United Church of Christ”

There is a church in Houston –
“Grace United Church of Christ.”
I was looking for more meaning –
more of a purpose to my life.
I could not fill my emptiness –
I was lonely for
fellowship, and friendship –
a family who would accept me –
a church to help me grow –
grow as a person, and as a Christian,
embracing me for who I am.
My partner felt the same way too,
and a couple of years ago,
he found the site for Grace.
Upon our initial visit, we were amazed
at how friendly and welcoming they were.
They were grateful for the food we bought
for a donation to the hungry.
They invited us for their pot luck,
even though we brought no dish.
Two years later, Grace is still
the same loving kind of church.
My spirituality had long been suffering
for a variety of many reasons.
One reason for my lack of spiritual growth,
is that I’ve heard too many preachers
condemn my kind to Hell.
When I was young, I tried to change
in every way a person can attempt to;
then, at last, in time, I realized
I am who God created me to be.
There is no inherent conflict,
in being gay and Christian too.
Being gay is not a choice:
it is not a preference;
it is not a lifestyle;
it is not an accident of nature;
it is what defines me;
it is who and what I am.
Everyone is worthy of God’s love –
We are saved by the Grace of God.
Salvation isn’t something
we can earn or learn.
Grace has reinforced
what was a fragile self awareness.
We are an “open and affirming”
congregation; accepting, not just tolerating
the GLBT community.
This makes me proud,
rather than ashamed,
and comfortable, instead of awkward.
I can hold my partner’s hand in church,
and put my arm around his shoulder.
We welcome every soul
who enters in our church,
and we affirm every Sunday;
“no matter who you are,
or where you are on life’s journey,
you are welcome here.”
We wholeheartedly believe –
we fully understand that
“God is still speaking.”
My path led me to Martin,
and he led me to Grace;
where we received inconceivable
enlightenment, and joy.
Grace is my balm from Gilead –
they make my wounded soul
complete, nurtured, whole,
whenever I am there.
I am spiritually healing and maturing,
for Grace has taught me
what it means to be a child of God,
and what it doesn’t mean.
It is not to judge, or to condemn,
but rather, to love and to accept;
it is not to save “wayward souls,”
who wander off
“the straight and narrow path;”
it is not to convert God’s
precious children
of differing beliefs or religions;
race, creed or color.
God is diverse, and therefor,
so are all creations.
Being Christian is not to
ignore the hungry, or the ill;
the elderly, the homeless;
the disabled, or the needy;
the oppressed, or those
surviving and dying under tyranny.
it is not to deprive women of equal pay
for equal work – not for one more day;
it is not to deny or harass women
in need of reproductive health care;
it is not to frighten people,
by condemning them to Hell.
You might ask then,
“what exactly is it that we believe in,
and what exactly is it that we do?”
We try to do what we believe
is God’s calling for us to do.
We try to feed the hungry;
we work to end oppression;
we work to right the wrong’s in life;
we work to put an end to poverty –
to gain justice and a better life for all;
we work to end all hatred;
and we believe that love is more inspiring –
that love is so much stronger
than any type or degree of hate.
We try to be stewards of the earth,
rather than to exercise dominion.
Yet we can only do a little by ourselves;
for, we are but a small church.
Please help us help the world,
one person at a time.
We would welcome your fellowship,
and friendship, and a grand community.
We would welcome your talent, your time,
and devotion, and we pray you need the same.
So, please come visit us this Sunday,
and become a part of our loving,
dedicated family. Jay J Pennington
    Soaring With The Spirit


    8515 Brookwulf Drive
    Houston, Texas 77072
    PH: 281-575-7866

    Worship 10:00 AM Sunday School for all ages 11:30 AM